Prepaid Vending

Our prepaid electricity meters empower you to take control of your power consumption, whether you’re an individual, business or property landlord.

As a consumer you can personally monitor power usage, identify high-use periods and cut back at necessary times to save both power and money.

Solar Systems

Our solar energy products empower you to make sustainable energy choices, enabling you to do your part to save the planet and in the long run, save on electricity costs too.

As a renewable resource we’re passionate about solar energy, and supply and install a range of solar systems, from grid tied systems to off-grid systems.

Meter Management

Our innovative meter management solutions empower customers to obtain the most reliable, accurate meter readings for complete peace of mind.

Our solutions use the very latest software supported by advanced meter reading and management processes, and can be applied to a variety of meters, including conventional meters, prepaid systems and smart metering installations.

Software Development & Engineering

Our software development service empowers clients by offering completely customisable software solutions that can be applied to a variety of meters at all levels of metering management.

The software also incorporates the creative use of alternative communication devices.

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